The Taj

    Built for reasons of love in Agra, India, one would be challenged to find a more beautiful structure in the world.  Wander the grounds, touch the walls, and stand inside.  It is worth every effort to see in person.

Original: 35 mm slide

Taj Reflection

     This photograph was digitally altered to simulate a watercolor painting of the Taj Mahal.

Original: 35 mm slide

Agra's Gem

     A common crossword puzzle question asks for the Taj Mahal locale.  Agra is the answer.  This city is located a few hours northeast of New Delhi, India.

Original: 35 mm slide

Marble Masterpiece

     When in the presence of such beauty sometimes the best thing to do is just sit and stare.

Original: 35 mm slide

Doorway View I

     The white marble used to construct the Taj Mahal is in-laid with semi-precious stones.  Although you cannot see the stones in this photo they make the marble very colorful when it's viewed from up close.

Original: 35 mm slide

Doorway View II

Original: 35 mm slide

Spices for Sale

     One of my favorite memories from Old Delhi, India is walking through the spice market.  This man was selling his spices on the street.  A better find however, was my discovery of a wholesale spice market on the third floor of a slum.  But, that is a story for another time.

Original: 35 mm slide

Meat Market

     Riding on a rickshaw I was being pulled through Old Delhi's meat market.  I loved everything about this scene and stopped the rickshaw for a photo.  If you'd like to cook a chicken for dinner this is the place to go.

Original: 35mm slide


     Many people will call one of these small rooms home living in very crowded conditions.  A tarp is a precious roof.  I watched a man bathe on a rooftop with only a bucket of water. Life is hard for the lower class but what I will never forget is how these people always smiled.  Although they lacked possessions and comfort they seemed to have lots of happiness.  It makes me wonder as an American, what do I ever have to complain about?

Original: 35 mm slide


     The sacred cows of India roam the streets freely.  Many of them are not much more than skin and bones.

Original: 35 mm slide

Bus Ride

     Returning to New Delhi from Agra this was a common view from my bus- small third world towns, little three wheeled cars, and cows.

Original: 35 mm slide

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