Two In One

     Walking around the old town in Tunis, Tunisia everywhere one looks they will see colorful and interesting doors.  This one, although a little worn, was my favorite with loads of character.  Seeing all of these interesting entrances inspired me to create this "Doors" page.

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Tunisian Blue

     Whenever I'm wandering around quiet alleyways in far away countries I always wonder what's behind doors.  In this case there is a maternity hospital behind the door.

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First Impression

     A door says a lot.  It makes a first impression and gives everyone who walks through it a taste of what may be inside.  Behind this Tunisian door I imagine a well kept home decorated with some style and class.

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Knock Knock Knock

     There are two things many Tunisian doors have in common, they are painted blue and have three door knockers.  I heard two explanations for the numerous knockers.  One was that the number signified the number of people living behind the door.  The other was that different people classified as head of the house, women and children, and visitors had their own knocker, each sounding differently.  This would indicate to the people behind the door who was knocking.  Your guess is as good as mine.  In hindsight I should have asked a local.

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Tunis Door

     One final door from the medina in Tunis, Tunisia.

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Doorway to Tuscany

     This door was spotted in the hilltop walled city of Certaldo, Italy, in the heart of Tuscany.  These bricks are centuries old and one can only imagine the stories they could tell.

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     Ok.  So it's not a door.  But it is my web site, this is an entryway, and I liked the picture.  Good enough for me.  I found this gate on a rainy afternoon in Heidelberg, Germany.  I was walking along some hilly streets below the city's old castle when I spotted it.

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Door #3

     This photo reminds me of the ever popular question posed on some game shows.  Which door would you choose?  I snapped this picture inside the courtyard of the beautiful Grand Mosque of Damascus, Syria, The Umayyad Mosque.

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Palma Door

     I spotted this beautiful door walking the back streets of Palma on the Spanish island, Majorca.

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     With so many closed doors on this page I thought it would be nice to actually see what's behind one.  These doors lead to the inside of Warsaw, Poland's Nozyk Synagogue, the only synagogue in Warsaw to survive World War II.

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Venetian Door

     Besides serving as entrances and exits doorways sometimes come with steps attached.  In some cities and towns steps are the perfect place to sit with neighbors, chat, and watch the world go by.  In this case however, these three boys in Venice, Italy were oblivious to the world as they competed for a new "high score" in their video game.  

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